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West Green House Gardens - A Mediterranean Feast

West Green House Gardens - A Mediterranean Feast


Hampshire, RG27 8JB

Thursday 23rd June 2022, 11.00am - 3.00pm

Garden tour with lunch

On Good Friday 1993, Marylyn Abbott discovered West Green House for the first time. She found a sleeping beauty with ruined buildings, walls, and gardens remains, all surrounded by five acres of brambles reaching twelve foot high, growing in marshland. But the saddest sights were the follies, in desperate need of restoration. Now nearly three decades later, new gardens have been replanted in the walled garden and the Lakefield surrounded by a series of new gardens, its follies secured, but all these extraordinary structures are weather prone and need constant attention to survive for future generations.

The highest priority on this list is the beautiful Nymphaeum, one of the focal points of the Garden, whose stonework and statuary merit careful restoration if they are to retain their classical beauty. Last year the iconic wooden bridge was replaced and the Chinese pavilion restored, but the restoration projects continue.

Your day at West Green House Gardens will begin with refreshments before the Senior Gardener, Simon Hickmott takes you on a tour of the grounds whilst giving you a special masterclass in growing Mediterranean vegetables here in the UK.

After the tour you will enjoy a lunch in the beautiful glasshouse celebrating Mediterranean food with a glass of wine before having more time to explore the wonderful gardens some more.

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