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Perennial Grow your own Rose Meadow

Perennial Grow your own Rose Meadow


Grow Your Own Rose Meadow kit - Discount voucher inside expired in December - New price 5.00 poundInspired by the sustainable rose meadow that is at the centre of the Perennial Lifeline Garden, the Grow your own rose meadow kit is a comprehensive guide to creating a rose meadow in your own garden. It contains practical instructions on the key principles of a rose meadow from garden designers Colm Joseph and Duncan Cargill, detailing the layering of plants and the low maintenance approach. Each layer of the rose meadow is described with suggested perennials, grasses and roses to plant to create the rose meadow effect. There are instructions on how to plan and plant a meadow in your garden, with meadows starting for sites that are 3m x 3m. The pack comes with a packet of Poppy seeds from Suttons Seeds.

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