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Corokia: My Adventure by Mona Abboud

Corokia: My Adventure by Mona Abboud


Mona Abboud has spent 20 years in London creating an award-winning garden, which is home to the National Collection of Corokia. Mona is both an amateur garden designer and a hands on gardener. She is often to be found at farflung nurseries searching for the perfect new plant to complement her design. She is equally likely to be found at the top of a tall ladder, pruning an old favourite into shape, or barrowing in tons of grit to improve drainage.Monas garden reflects her cultural background and is heavily influenced by the flora of the Mediterranean. It emphasises contrasting texture, shape and foliage colour.In addition to Monas passion for gardening, which has featured in BBC and Channel 4 programmes, she is a classical singer, plays clarinet in a London orchestra, and has written articles for the Royal Horticultural Society on the subject of Corokia.She would like this book to spread the word about Corokia to a wider audience.

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